These days, it's not at all surprising to see a Honda sedan, SUV, or hatchback surpassing the 200,000-mile mark in Franklin, Nashville, Murfreesboro, & Madison TN. For those very dedicated, highway-mile drivers, their Hondas are nearing even 300,000 or more!

But that doesn't just happen by accident. Along with the legendary reliability and top-notch engineering of the Honda brand, these vehicles--that are running well past their model-year comrades--are doing so because of strict, routine maintenance like brake repairs, battery replacement, and the ever-important oil change. Clean, quality oil is imperative to a healthy and well-running engine.

So when you schedule your next Honda oil change in Franklin, TN, consider what you'll be putting into your reservoir.

If you're driving one of those trusty, high-mileage Honda models, like a Civic, Accord, CR-V, or Pilot, using quality engine oil is even more critical. Valvoline Full-Synthetic High Mileage engine oil with MaxLife Technology provides an adaptive layer of protection to be your first and best line of defense against engine wear.

Your car works hard for you. But, with high-quality Valvoline engine oils available at the Darrell Waltrip Honda parts department in Franklin, work just got a little bit easier. Watch the video below to see the technology in action.

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