High-heat-resistant brake fluid = solid pedal feel.

Just another pro tip from Ryan Tuerk, who counts on genuine Valvoline products to keep his car safe and smooth on the track.

Most drivers in Franklin, Nashville, Murfreesboro, & Madison TN don't put their vehicles through quite the same stress as a racecar, but city driving can take a toll on your brakes over time nonetheless.

Auto manufacturers recommend a routine brake fluid flush to ensure that no contaminated fluid is effecting the brake lines, and protect the system against the effects of moisture; Valvoline synthetic brake fluid is resilient, resistant, and robust, to stand strong against anything that your road car can throw at it. With a Valvoline brake fluid service, you can protect your brakes, and drive with more confidence.

If your brakes are feeling spongy, or something just doesn't feel right, schedule an appointment with our service center at Darrell Waltrip Honda. If you're not sure of your service schedule, have questions about a brake fluid flush, or want to schedule, give us a call at (888) 718-4213.