With how hard your engine works to propel your car along roads, in all types of conditions and temperatures, it makes sense that its constantly engaged in maintaining a safe running temperature. While driving in Franklin, Nashville, Murfreesboro, & Madison TN, engine temperature is typically affected more by speed and acceleration than by the actual outside degrees.

So, an engine that's running at very high speeds, with aggressive acceleration, needs a powerful and reliable engine coolant to keep the heat down at manageable levels.

On the other end of the spectrum, an engine subjected to bitterly cold temperatures in winter needs to be able to avoid freezing. A quality antifreeze can handle both extremes.

Check out this quick pro tip from Ryan Tuerk, professional drifting driver, who knows a thing or two about extreme driving conditions.

Valvoline offers an extensive variety of coolant and antifreeze products that are perfect for your Honda vehicle, foreign import, or domestic car. Heavy-duty pre-charged, green/eco-friendly coolant, nitrate-free antifreeze, Extended Life, and other formulas are all up for grabs at our Honda parts department, so you'll never have to settle for second-best.

Don't have time for a coolant flush? Contact our service center today to schedule an appointment, and we'll take care of the dirty work for you.

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