While Honda is no stranger to hybrid technology--boasting models like the Accord and Civic Hybrid sedans and the stunningly fun Honda CR-Z Sport Hybrid--and the lineup as a whole offers great fuel economy across the board for nearly all models, its Chief Executive Officer, Takahiro Hachigo, thinks they could do even better.

Hybrid and electric powertrain vehicles currently account for just about 5% of Honda's overall sales. But the auto industry as a whole is building up to a massive shift toward hybrid, electric, plug-in, and fuel cell vehicles; and Honda is gearing up to lead the future of green.

Mr. Hachigo has pledged to burgeon Honda's sales of partially- or fully-electric cars to up to 65% of global business by the year 2030. While this may seem like quite a while into the future, the CEO is laying the foundations for significant and long-term priorities for an automaker that's fiercely proud of a reputation built on durability, reliability, and efficiency.

Honda asserts that, at their core, they strive to build vehicles that are fun to drive. But for a world that's battling for sustainability, it's equally committed to creating technology, equipment, and advanced engineering that can do more with less. Whether that's more power, more miles, or both, every new model builds upon a legendary foundation to offer better and better products to an ever-changing world.

If you think you'll be needing a new car before 2030 rolls around, though, we do encourage you to browse the current new Honda lineup to explore fuel-efficient and fun new models like the capable CR-V, the versatile Odyssey, and the redesigned new Civic.

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