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We look forward to hearing from you soon to ensure you can have access to auto parts that your Honda car, truck, or SUV will need. If you notice any problems with your battery, it is better to find a replacement before you are stuck with a dead battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Batteries are an essential component of your vehicle. Not only does the battery allow your vehicle to start, but it also runs the electrical systems for your vehicle. Keeping your battery in its best condition will make for a better overall performance of your vehicle. Our team can do a battery inspection and help you learn more about the battery in your Honda car, truck, or SUV.

There is a lot that drivers want to know about batteries, and we are here to help. Common questions include: 

  • How do I know that I need to replace my battery? There are testing tools that our team can use to see the condition of your battery, but there are signs you can look for. If the engine is slow to start, lights are dimmer than usual, there's corrosion on the battery, or if there is any damage one the casing, you should consider buying a new battery.
  • Does weather affect how long my battery will last? Extreme heat and cold will shorten the lifespan of your battery. It is important to treat your battery more carefully if you live in an area with harsh conditions.
  • How long does a car battery last? Generally, a battery will last for four or five years. As mentioned, the lifespan can be shortened by weather, but also by aftermarket stereo systems or video systems.

Contact our team to learn more about your battery and when it needs to be replaced or questions regarding any other services including oil changes and tire rotations!


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